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Professional and life coaching in Berlin in English and French

ICF Certified Coach in Berlin - Eva Lena Vermeersch

Through my coaching, I help you to improve your efficiency and reduce stress, in your work and your life.

Overwork? Stress? Lack of clarity?

Behind the lack of efficiency and serenity may lie different types of difficulties. For example, at the level of:

  • Your organization and time management
  • Your work-life balance and the adoption of healthy habits
  • Difficulty handling pressure and setting limits
  • (Re)defining your role and responsibilities
  • Delegation and defining your leadership
  • Lack of clarity on career development
  • Loss of meaning and motivation in your work
  • Lack of self-confidence

Sometimes, several of these factors come into play in improving your efficiency and stress management.

How can coaching help you?

    Through a pragmatic, structured and human approach, taking into account your emotional and organizational needs, you can:

    • Define your goals and priorities clearly and precisely
    • Define a strategy tailored to your specific needs
    • Identify and overcome the obstacles that hold you back
    • Step by step and measure your progress

    To improve performance and reduce stress.


    How does coaching work?


    1. First stage: free contact (via videoconference)
      This allows us to get to know each other, to go over your questions, to make sure that my methodology matches your needs and that the "feeling" between us is good.
    2. Second stageDiscovery session (in person or via videoconference)
      During this first working session, we clarify your objective and determine the steps and resources needed to achieve it. Following this meeting, you will receive a coaching plan and an offer of personalized support.
    3. Third step: start of your coaching support

    Depending on your needs, this support can include..:

    • Individual coaching sessions (face-to-face or via videoconference)
    • Ongoing support via private messaging
    • Sharing practical resources (exercises, tools, recommended reading, podcasts, etc.)

    to define and apply the strategies that will help you improve efficiency and reduce stress in your daily professional and personal life.


    1. Contacttfree, online and with no obligation
    2. Discovery session: €120 (online or face-to-face)
    3. Personalized support: tailored to your needs and situation

    Ethical commitment

    Certified by ICF (International Coaching Federation), I respect its code of ethics. This guarantees, among other things, total confidentiality of our exchanges and my commitment to continuous improvement of my skills.

    In a nutshell

    Want to improve your efficiency and reduce stress?

    Are you looking for the support of a certified coach with a pragmatic, structured and human approach in a relaxed, open and always caring atmosphere?

    If so, we're probably made for each other!

    This free 15-20 minute appointment (via videoconference) will provide an opportunity to:

    • tell me more about you and your motivations for considering support
    • ask your questions and make sure my approach meets your needs
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    Free contact (via videoconference)

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