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Parenting support workshops

The aim of the workshop

Parenthood is a unique adventure which sometimes takes us to cross winding paths difficult to cross.

These parenting support workshops are aimed at parents who feel overwhelmed by their role, feeling guilty about experiencing negative emotions towards their children even though they have invested so much in being “super parents”, and deciding to start work For speak out, express their suffering, their guilt and obtain effective advice to get better. 

The workshop includes 4 sessions of 2 hours by groups of 6 people max

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Reservation - Parenting support workshop

The themes

The sessions address central themes linked to parenting in the 21st century: 

The pressure that weighs on parents' shoulders (pressure of caring parenting, always doing better...)
Stress management and emotional skills
Parental perfectionism
Co-parenting: managing stress together, the dimension of conjugality “parents yes but couples too! », case of single parents.
The parent-child relationship: revaluing the relationship with your children, working on educational practices, reinvesting quality time with the family.

The framework

The group leaders

These workshops offer a warm and caring setting to exchange, share and reflect together on the difficulties and challenges of parenting.

This is the opportunity to be able to submit your exhaustion, painful emotions (shame, guilt…), its doubts, to learn to know each other better (learn to observe oneself, to help oneself by observing and helping others), to learn to accept and tolerate various aspects of his personality, create links and one support network to rely on in case of difficulty,

 while gathering knowledge about the psychological functioning and by building with the help of professionals a “toolbox” to deal with the difficulties of parenting. 

Feeling considered and validated in your suffering is often already a source of relief. 

The sessions take place in small groups, in an atmosphere of relaxation and kindness conducive to discussion.


feldenkreis massage berlin

Dipl. Psych.- Karla Bernat-Schöppl

Founder of the Pensées Center

Clinical psychologist specializing in cognitive behavioral and emotional therapies.

Area of research relating to parental burnout and maladaptive early schemas.

Mother of a little girl for a few months.

feldenkreis massage berlin

Chloe Huth


Chloe Huth is psychologist in Berlin. His clinical practice focuses primarily on child development and family dynamics.
Her career began with children after studying developmental psychology and then supported parents more particularly in their parenting and personal development.

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