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Prices & reimbursements

Reimbursement by public health insurance (TK, AOK, Barmer, etc.) is unfortunately generally not possible in our center. 

As psychologists practicing psychotherapy according to the Heilpraktikergesetz, the consultation costs are covered by certain German private health insurance or by some additional insurance as Allianz, Debeka, Hallesche KV, Continentale, R+V Versicherungen …

Couples therapy are never reimbursed.

Professional coaching sessions can be deducted from your taxes (Steuererklärung). We advise you to contact your Steuerberater or the Finanzamt to which you depend.


Individual psychotherapy / Psychological support

90€ / session
(50 minutes)

EMDR therapy

90€ / session
(50 to 60 minutes)

Couple and family therapy

160€ / session
(approximately 1h15)

Group workshops

Between 15€ and 60€ / session according to the groups
(1 to 2 hours of workshops/discussion groups).


(not available at the moment)

160€ / session

Psychological assessment and psychometric tests

Between 360€ and 520€ (child/adult) according to tests carried out
(between 4 a.m. and 8 a.m.)


80€ / 50 min session


160 € / 90 min session

(If exceptionally shorter session, price of
90€ / 50 min session)

Individual nutritional support

90€ / 1st session
(50 minutes)

60€ / follow-up session
(45 minutes)

Prices can be discussed together during our first meeting and adapted to your situation (students, unemployed), with proof.

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