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Workshops for couples

The purpose of the workshop for couples

Our need to establish a unique and special emotional connection with other irreplaceable people is fundamental, primary and absolute in human nature. It's written in our brain.  

A healthy and effective dependence is the basis of a lasting and strong couple relationship, as well as the family bond and other bonds, social or spiritual.  

Trusting our desires, accepting and listening to our deep aspirations, learning to reach out to others and respond to them, are all movements that help us understand and cultivate loving attachment.  

Experiencing a reassuring and strong connection allows one to feel empathy and tolerance towards others.  

 Emotional receptivity and responsiveness are essential to developing love and the capacity to love.  

Love no longer has to be a mystery. In fact, it should no longer be considered a mystery. There is a new science of love. The result is that a deep and lasting love, capable of strengthening and sustaining us, is within everyone's reach.  

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The themes


Affirm and cultivate the strengths of your relationship 


Better understand your own reactions, emotions and emotional needs, as well as those of your partner


Describe and identify negative interactions and patterns that repeat themselves in your relationship, creating distance and pain


Recognize the deep feelings that cause and fuel your conflicts 


Create positive moments of mutual rapprochement, be able to restore the emotional connection between you, forgive, respond and reach out to the other in order to consolidate the bond of love.

The framework

These workshops are aimed at all couples, regardless of their gender or sexual orientation, eager to deepen and strengthen their relationship.

All couples experience these moments of disconnection and emotional distance which reflect on the loving bond and are sources of suffering for both partners.

These workshops are based on the approach developed by Sue Johnson, Emotionally Focused Therapy, and more specifically on her most popular book: “Hold Me Tight!” Seven conversations for a lifetime of love.” 

4 sessions of 2 hours

Price: 50 euros / session

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