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Psychological help for parents & babies

The birth of a child brings with it many upheavals of operation psychological and some family dynamics. This process of personality maturation is referred to as parenthood – more precisely: “maternality” and “paternality”.  

Faced with these changes important, each parent or family may feel the need for help, of a support outside.

Parental burnout
Baby sleep
Couple life and baby
And my femininity in all this?

According to your questions and of your request, we offer you a tailor-made support and may be required to discuss:

- There question of place : how, when family dynamics are changed, can everyone find a legitimate place? How can the place of the “maternal function” and the “paternal function” be constructed? In a very demanding society, how can we juggle our role as a parent, as a man or woman, as a working adult?

– The question of Parental BurnoutPressure to be a perfect parent, injunctions of “positive and caring parenting”… There is sometimes reason to feel discouraged, exhausted in the face of all these pressures and responsibilities placed on our shoulders until we no longer feel pleasure in playing with our children. children. It sometimes happens that we are no longer able to juggle our personal and professional lives, that we feel chronic stress and that we are no longer able to cope with our role as parents. All this is completely normal and our expert team in this area is here to support you and help you keep your head above water!

- Of the more specific issues : baby's sleep, child's development, behavior, siblings, etc.

The objective is from you to accompany and D'bring an outside perspective in relation to sometimes difficult situations while mobilizing multiple resources on which it is possible to rely.

Parenting support consists of legitimize and promote the parent in his role.

For better psychological care of expatriates.

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