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EMDR therapy ( Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing ) uses a bi-alternating sensory stimulation (right-left) which is practiced by eye movements – the patient follows the fingers of the therapist who pass from right to left in front of his eyes – to treat psychotraumatic disorders.

The goal of EMDR is therefore to decrease the emotional load associated with a traumatic memory or difficult life event.

For nearly 30 years EMDR therapy has proven its efficacy through very numerous scientific studies carried out in place by researchers and clinical psychologists around the world. It is mainly validated for post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), which is the scientific name of what is also more commonly known as psychotrauma . As such, EMDR therapy is recommended by many national and international public bodies (HAS in a 2007 report, WHO since 2013, INSERM e 2015 report).

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How does an EMDR session take place?

1st step

In order to move forward safely, two or three preliminary sessions are necessary before moving on to the “desensitization” phase (bilateral stimulation). During these first meetings with your psychologist, you will get to know yourself and you will explore in detail the problem that led you to consult.

Then, you will determine together the situation that you will treat with EMDR.

Stabilization techniques will also be implemented. For example, you will be offered to establish an exercise in imagination called the “safe place”.

2nd step

Once stage 1 is complete, the desensitization phase can begin. It is then up to the brain to work, you have nothing to control.

Your therapist will move their fingers back and forth in front of your faceask you to follow the movement of their fingers with your eyes while reminding you of a difficult part of the event to process.  An EMDR treatment session last up between 50 and 90 minutes.

All of the difficult situations and triggers listed in step 1 will be reprocessed until you no longer feel the disturbance.

Desensitization sessions can be stressful and we take it to heart to move forward safely and above all at your own pace.

If you feel the need to take a break from the desensitization sessions, do not hesitate to let your therapist know.

3rd step

Once all the difficult situations and triggers have been dealt with, it is finally a question of reassessing whether the reprocessing has worked well and that the desensitization is complete. If necessary, the targeted reprocessing of a situation will be proposed.

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