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Dipl. -Psych. Karla Bernat-Schöppl

Clinical Psychologist specializing in CBT, EMDR, Psychotherapy (HeilprG)

Founder of the Thoughts Center

As part of my therapies, I attach particular importance to creating an atmosphere of trust, allowing you to indulge yourself at your own pace while feeling safe in this therapy space that is yours.

My practice is guided by cognitive and behavioral therapies, which I specialized in during my studies in France and Germany. I am also trained in EMDR (“Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing”) therapy, which is very useful in the case of trauma. I like to integrate into my follow-ups, elements of schema therapy, mindfulness meditation to tame our painful emotions (anxiety, anger…), as well as positive psychology tools in a centered approach the mobilization of your resources and personal skills in order to increase and improve your well-being.

Regarding my professional experiences, I worked in particular at the Vivantes hospital in Neukölln, in a
stationary psychiatry, at the Vivantes clinic in Reinickendorf in a day clinic for mood disorders as well as in a reception center for migrants in Berlin (EJF).

Passionate about my job and curious to discover and try new things, I like to adapt to my patients, to their requests and also to my own desires. That’s why, I started implementing positive psychology workshops (CARE Program) in 2019.

Finally, mother of a little girl recently, I pursue my interest in the field of research related to parenthood (in particular related to parental burnout) with the publication of scientific and popular articles as well as with the setting setting up therapeutic workshops related to this theme to best support parents in difficulty.

I look forward to being able to accompany you on your own path, gently, respecting the rhythm which is yours.

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