Dietitian nutritionist in Berlin

Emilie Descamps, Dietician-Nutritionist in Berlin
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Nutritional support in Berlin in French, English and Spanish

Dietitian-Nutritionist in Berlin

I help expatriates put their diet at the service of their health. My nutritional support is aimed at those who wish to:

  • Regulate their weight without frustration in a healthy and sustainable way
  • Optimize their energy, mood, concentration and sleep
  • Managing emotional eating and eating disorders
  • Manage an intolerance, allergy or metabolic, cardiovascular, inflammatory or digestive pathology, 
  • Being accompanied during pregnancy and breastfeeding
  • Vegetate their plate without deficiency. 

The tools and techniques that I put at your disposal:


  • A personalized report for each session including an analysis of your diet, progressive objectives, precise recommendations and tips for implementing them.
  • Practical techniques to do at home to (re)discover your eating sensations.
  • If necessary, nutritional sheets, recipes, readings, podcasts, etc.
  • Privileged access to an application that allows us to stay in touch between sessions.

My methodology as a dietitian nutritionist

My recommendations are based on a balanced, diversified, accessible, personalized and frustration-free diet. Your diet must be synonymous with pleasure and serenity so that the changes we implement are lasting. 

Our diet is inseparable from our health, which is why each of us must find our balance according to our tastes, our tolerances and our pace of life. I help you find the balance that combines well-being, health and pleasure. 

When possible, my recommendations are focused on a diet with a low glycemic index, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant in order to improve your general health. I teach you to listen to your food sensations in order to regulate your food intake with complete peace of mind by listening to your body. 

My journey

I have experienced 3 expatriations in Spain and the United States and I have lived with my family in Berlin for almost 10 years. I became a Dietitian-Nutritionist to support those like me who want to be fulfilled in their diet. I chose to focus on well-being through nutrition, food being an exciting, enriching and powerful tool for taking care of yourself and your health.

I completed my training and diploma in France and worked in two university hospitals before setting up my own private practice. I have worked with patients suffering from obesity and malnutrition, diabetes, eating disorders and chronic inflammatory bowel disease (MII). During these experiences, I discovered the importance of knowing and respecting one's food sensations of hunger, fullness and fullness, following the principles of FAT (Reflection Group on obesity and overweight), in order to sustainably regulate your diet.

Emilie Descamps, Dietician-Nutritionist in Berlin
green fern plant inside clear glass vase

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