Therapies in English in Berlin 

Welcome to your therapy center in Berlin

Originally only in french, we now also offer therapies in English, Spanish and Italian

Therapies in English in Berlin 

Welcome to your therapy center in Berlin

We offer therapies in French, but also English, Spanish and Italian

Therapies in English in Berlin 

Welcome to your therapy center in Berlin

We offer therapies in French, but also English, Spanish and Italian

To feel listened to, welcomed and considered.

Welcoming various international health professionals under one roof to best meet the demand of english, american, spanish and italian expats living in Germany, this is the mission of our center for therapy and psychotherapy.

Originally offering therapies for the french community exclusively, our therapy center grew and now offers ppsychotherapies and related services in english, spanish and italian.

Our team is made up of child / adult clinical psychologists from different specialties, therapists and different French-speaking coaches to meet the needs of expats living in Berlin.

Our Philosophy

Placing the individual at the center of the treatment process, we attach particular importance to ensuring that each follow-up, each therapeutic support is modeled according to your request.

Our integrative approach, centered on the patient, favors openness to all disciplines working to know people and to treat them while respecting their individuality.

The patient-therapist relationship remains the central motor of all approaches.

Our therapies and services

We offer individual or group psychological follow-ups / psychotherapy / coaching, tailored to your needs.

Individual psychotherapy (Child / Adult), psychological support

We offer individual follow-ups based on different streams of therapy to best meet your needs: cognitive, behavioral and emotional (CBT) therapy, EMDR therapy (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing), schema therapy, analytical therapy or again Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT).

Group therapy / workshops

We also offer individual therapies, different group sessions:
Support groups
Mindfulness meditation
Art therapy workshop, the “Social mask” (reserved for patients already in therapy at the Center)
Positive Psychology Workshop
Parenthood support workshop
– Workshop on Self-Esteem

Psychological and neuropsychological assessment (Child / Adult)

Assessments carried out by a psychologist trained in neuropsychology. These are tests to assess the different cognitive functions (memory, attention, concentration, language, intellectual efficiency, etc.) and thus to answer questions related to cognitive functioning. They make it possible to plan an adapted care.

Music therapy: Music as therapy

Music is a wonderful means of expression, allowing the individual to “bring out” their suffering and emotions. Rhythms and sounds then become tools to give room to our creativity, reconnect with oneself and support the treatment of health problems.


We offer individual or group coaching sessions.

Professional and personal development coaching.

Couple therapy and family therapy

Learn to talk to each other again, to listen to each other. Couple therapies are an important part of the therapies we provide. They englobe wide topics and techniques such as learning tgo speak again with one another, exploring the other’s needs and attentions, dealing with the children… 


Support and preparation for childbirth based on hypnosis.

Café debates

Exchanges, debates, current affairs, good coffee… One theme per month:
feminism, LGBT community, domestic violence, integration in Berlin…

“You can also build something beautiful with the stones that block the way.”
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Your international
therapy center in Berlin

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In case of emergency, contact your neighborhood Berliner Krisendienst or Sozialpsychiatrischer Dient (SPD).

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