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To better meet the specific needs of each individual, our psychologists have different and complementary approaches: Cognitive and behavioral therapies, EMDR, psychoanalytic therapy, ACT acceptance and commitment therapy, supportive therapy, neuropsychology and systemic therapy

Dipl. -Psych. Karla Bernat-Schöppl

Clinical psychologist, TCC psychotherapy, EMDR (HeilprG)

Dr. Dipl. -Psych. Sarah Fitzroy

Clinical psychologist,
Experience in NHS, doctorate of psychology

Dipl. -Psych. Ingrid Paris

Clinical psychologist,
Psychodynamic therapies, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, ACT therapy

For a better psychological support for Berlin expats.

Your international
therapy center in Berlin

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In case of emergency, contact your neighborhood Berliner Krisendienst or Sozialpsychiatrischer Dient (SPD).

Discover the site of Karla Bernat, founder of the therapy centrer and French psychologist in Berlin. Check out My International Therapy's website, the international version of Centre Pensées

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