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The 3 types of psychotherapies

To embark on a work / a reflection on oneself, psychological, requires a certain implication. It is not always easy to know what we are getting into or to be confident about the path we are taking. In order to see more clearly, here are some indications as to the different approaches that play out at the center, so that you can feel free to decide what would be best for you.

There are three major and main orientations recognized in psychology , as well as a multitude of new approaches which are developing around these this.

    1. First the psychoanalytic approach , founding mother of clinical practice. It is a question here of working from the hypothesis of an unconscious which influences our various relationships in order to anchor itself as a subject in this world. The patient will be led to develop by himself associative chains of ideas to untie some of his early patterns. This approach further calls on our analytical capacities and creates links between the subject, a repressed affect and the representation of an event (for example). It allows you to progress in self-knowledge.
    2. The second, the cognitive and behavioral therapy , more commonly known as CBT is primarily interested in 3 dimensions in humans: their thoughts, emotions and the resulting behaviors. It is a dynamic approach, where the patient and the therapist get to work together, in a direct exchange punctuated by diagrams, exercises and practical questionnaires as well as tasks to be performed between sessions. These come under a specific and rigorous scientific protocol. They allow you to objectively assess symptoms or feelings.
    3. The systemic approach conceives it, not the individual alone may well relate to its environment. It integrates it into the group, as a couple or even within a family, and then targets the internal processes of this group such as communication, shared links and symbols as well as our positioning within it.

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The so-called “ new wave” therapies are more specific, for example based on awareness of the here and now, like Mindfullness therapy or even define our values and the related processes behind our actions, such as acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT). 

All are geared to supporting reflection through speech and are aimed at the autonomy of the person.

To finish, it seems good to us to underline that beyond the approach and these tools specific to each one, it is first of all the therapeutic relationship / trust in the bond patient-therapist who mainly influences the advancement of therapy (Krupnick, Sotsky et al., 1996).

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